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Indosurya Mahakam


indosurya-470x699.jpgThe History

History shapes a nation. Our business history shapes our company. We started our business as a supplier of raw rattan materials, particularly Pulut Rattan, back in 1988. Running our own rattan plantation for almost a decade had brought us valuable experiences and vast knowledge on rattan materials and then we finally decided to have our own furniture company, Indosurya Mahakam, manufacturing high quality indoor rattan furniture. To date, we have exported our furniture to Europe, United States, Australia, and Middle East and other countries across the world.

Located in Cirebon, Indonesia, a city known as the best rattan furniture manufacturer in the world, Indosurya Mahakam collaborates with local weaving experts on creating new weaving techniques and passing them to our skilful weavers.

The Materials
Indosurya Mahakam proudly claims to be the pioneer of Water Hyacinth and Abaca furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. Known as the King of Pulut, our journey starts from manufacturing Pulut Rattan furniture and continues with producing fabulous furniture from Water Hyacinth. The use of this particular plant is also good for the environment as it reduces the dense population of this plan which can block water pipe. Our journey continues with our experiment with Abaca. The unique texture of Abaca adds beauty and uniqueness to the chairs produced.

Innovation colors our journey. There are times along the journey when the market reaches saturation and innovation brings the market back to normal. NWG® (New Wicker Generation) is one of our latest innovations. In essence, NWG® is an innovative coloring technique that produces a collection of rattan weaving in beautiful unique colors.

Indigo Loom is our next innovation. Loom is actually a machine-made weaving piece made from paper. We then develop the coloring and finishing techniques to produce loom with exotic color texture which we call Indigo Loom. Problems in applying the loom onto curved chairs have led us into the next innovation, Exotic Loom®. This hand-weaved loom perfects the chairs.

From our observation, we find that the chairs in the market are either full rattan weaving or full upholstered. We see the opportunity for another innovation, combining upholstery with loom, rattan, and other materials. The result is magnificent as the chairs become the trend setter in furniture world.

Sinatra Design Center
Our solid R&D team, “Sinatra Design Center”, has continuously created innovation on both indoor and outdoor furniture, starting from the framing, natural material, synthetic rattan color and texture, weaving technique and all other production aspects in order to create products that meet the needs and requirements of our world-wide customers.

Currently located at 16,500 square feet building, “Sinatra Design Center” has already set short term and long term programs on new facilities installation to support the development of our upcoming products.

The Manufacturing
In our production process, on-time delivery is always the priority. Our production facilities make it possible for us to keep our commitment to delivery time. Our 60,000-square-meter production area, including 45,000-square-meter factory building and 1,000-square-meter showroom and 1,450 competent employees support our commitment to maximum production with minimum time.

Our Kiln-Dry wood oven guarantees that every piece of wood produced is in its best quality which ensures precise assembly and accurate measurement. The wood oven and the other facilities enable us to meet production capacity of 840 containers per year which keeps increasing as the market broadens.

The Market
To date, Indosurya Mahakam has collaborated with business partners from United States, Europe, Middle East, and Australia, supporting their strong international brands by specifically designing creations for each country. Our synergy has boosted the sales volume, even during the global crisis. The success encourages us to build more collaboration with partners from other countries. To support this marketing plan, we have multiplied our production capacity.

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