Great Dividing Range



The origins of Great Dividing Range evolved from understanding the needs of large retail chain stores wishing to buy from Indonesia.

Their requirements included professional product development, large volume productions, well trained merchandisers, quality control, packaging and labeling solutions and compliant facilities.

The founder of GDR, Andrew McLatchie saw that there were very few, if any companies fulfilling the prerequisites of these multinational companies and so GDR was founded in 1995 and has grown on the basis of reliability and professionalism in a volume arena.

“We believe our superior quality, innovative design, eye for detail, and holistic approach has been integral in our longevity and continued success”.

Why Choose GFRC? GFRC is a type of glass-fiber-reinforced concrete and is distinctly different to concrete, poly resin, fiber stone, or GRC.

GFRC has been developed specifically to withstand the wide ranges of weather variation found worldwide, from below freezing to over 50°C. It has been tested and found to have sustained no degradation or breakdown

Owner Said “This same distinct method also allow for the application of colors through a process of chemical reaction. Featherstone uses no paint or surface layer color, but rather a series of applications developed by our chemist. Through reactions in the concrete, these colors penetrate into the matrix, making them impervious to sun and rain. Our sealants are applied the same way, using nanotechnology to penetrate into the matrix to further protect our products from ice. (Surface colors and sealants allow for breakdown of bonding and ability for scratching and fading)

GDR will continue our efforts to support of eco-friendly products. GFRC products, lighter than their regular cement counterparts, reduce emissions from transportation. Moreover, by eliminating the use of resins, we greatly increase the environmental benefits of GFRC relative to other products on the market.

GFRC products has undergone and passed several independent factory inspections which covered all aspects, from workplace health and safety to working condition and workers treatment, to production and QC programs. We take great pride in the fact that we have a workforce that is happy to be with us, a fact reflected in the quality of our products.

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